Day 11 – What’s your Intention?

Image courtesy of ponsuwan /

Image courtesy of ponsuwan /

It’s day 11 and we are cranking through tips for  31 Days of Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays More.  Today’s tip is to set an intention for the holiday season.  I once thought intentions were those disclaimers you put out after you accidentally said something mean to someone.  Like “Sorry I hurt your feelings but my intentions were good” but intentions go way beyond that.  Setting an intention can give meaning to your daily life and bring focus to a goal.  The chance of that goal happening is a lot higher when an intention is set.  The holidays can be so hectic that setting an intention can help you not be derailed by everything coming at you.

Your intention can be anything that resonates with you.  It can be as simple as “I will have a productive day” or “I will be calm at the parent / teacher conference” or it can be a larger goal, such as “I will move to California” or “I will go back to school to become a teacher”.

How do you set an intention and make it happen?

1. Be clear about what it is you want
2. Write it down and focus on it
3. Meditate on it
4. Put little post it’s of it around your work area, in your car, in your wallet. Make it ever present in your mind and your environment until it becomes second nature.
5. Tell a friend or family member your intention.  This will help hold you accountable in taking steps towards your goal.
6. Take small steps daily towards your goal
7. Revisit your intention periodically and adjust it if your desire has changed

What is your intention for the holiday season?  I have two.  One is to not gain any weight this holiday season (so far so good!) and one step I’m taking to make sure that becomes a reality it by getting some exercise everyday, even if it’s just a 10 minute walk on busy days.  My second intention is to be kinder to people who aren’t so kind themselves.  This one can be hard but if ever there was a time to practice kindness, the holidays are it!

Intentions can set you up for more enjoyment out of life.  What do you want from this holiday season? Make it happen.


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