Testimonial - MariaI did Andrea’s 12 Day Detox Program as a quick way to get myself eating better after overdoing it over the holidays and I lost 7 1/2 lbs while on it! I have more energy eating this way and I love the recipes she shared. I honestly didn’t expect to lose weight during the program as I’ve struggled to lose weight for a very long time and this plan allows you to eat as much as you want (and I did!). My success on this program has driven home to me how important the quality and type of food we choose is and I feel empowered to keep going. Andrea’s detox program is easy to follow, thorough and comes with a lot of resources.  Andrea herself is warm, funny and supportive. I hope to get the opportunity to work with her again.

My top 3 goals when starting Andrea’s 3 month program was to get Testimonial - Lauramy sugar eating under control and stop night time and emotional eating. Andrea was able to help me work toward these goals by listening carefully, coming up with suggestions for change, adapting ideas to those that resonated with me, providing awesome recipes, being upbeat, encouraging and non-judgemental. The biggest tangible change I have noticed is that I have more confidence and more self-love. The most significant overall change is that I’m more able to give myself permission to eat and enjoy food! Andrea is wonderful, compassionate and able to get to the root of problems gently and with love. I’d recommend Andrea to people who have eating challenges – almost anyone who wants to eat better and feel better about themselves. The past 6 months have been an amazing journey, painful, eye-opening and I wouldn’t want to have gone on this journey without Andrea. She’s been wonderful to work with – I highly recommend!


Testimonial - Rachel

I enrolled in a 3 month program with Andrea hoping to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding. I also was having difficulty sleeping through the night. During our sessions, Andrea listened intently and asked me questions that made me think.  With her help, I realized that a big reason for my weight gain and sleep troubles was a very high stress level that I was ignoring. She encouraged me to try a few stress relief techniques in between each session and put a lot of emphasis on me “being in charge” of choosing ones that resonated with me. Between daily breathing exercises, self care and the realization that I needed to ask for more help at home, I started to feel more relaxed, slept better and started losing weight again. We barely even spent time changing my diet because my overeating became less frequent once my stress was under better control. Andrea is patient, smart and i feel like I can tell her anything. I am keeping her close by hiring her for maintenance sessions! I highly recommend her coaching for anyone who has been letting excuses define the course of their life.



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