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Are you tired of feeling ashamed and out of control about your eating habits?

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could take good care of your body and enjoy the food you eat at the same time?

What if you could take good care of your body and enjoy the food you eat at the same time?

You always thought that your problems would be solved if you could just figure out the “weight” and “eating” thing. If you could just eat less, and move more. If you could just stop raiding the fridge after work, eating in secret, and going back for seconds. If you could just do a “diet” for long enough for it to work its magic. But it’s finally dawned on you that no diet will fix what is causing you to eat too much in the first place. You’re ready to stop the cycle of overeating and dieting but aren’t sure where to go from here.

Guess what? So many other women feel this way too but most are afraid to admit it or don’t even realize it’s an option. Every day we encounter subtle (and not so subtle) messages about how thin is better, eating less is better and looking younger is better. Imagery that says you are wrong or bad for being the way you are. It’s a lot of pressure.

It’s possible to walk away from a lifetime of dieting and still live healthily. It’s possible to feel content with your body regardless of its size or shape. There are ways to make peace with your body and food. Ones that don’t involve beating yourself up emotionally or eating so little you feel like you’re going to pass out.

When you sign up for a free 30 minute discovery call, I’ll share with you how my coaching program works, we’ll talk about the issue you need help with and if appropriate, I’ll make a suggestion that you can start using right away to begin changing your relationship with food or your body.

Once you start applying these tips to your life, you’ll be able to see the impact that small and consistent changes can have in your life. From there, you can decide if you’re ready for the additional benefits one on one coaching support can provide.

Schedule a free call now.

Still hesitant to talk about your eating or weight struggles with a coach?

I get it. It’s one thing to admit to yourself that you can’t seem to eat normally, it’s a whole other thing to acknowledge to another person that you are struggling.

Here’s something that might calm your nerves a bit.

Anything you might have to tell me about your eating habits, I’ve probably done myself. The crazy diets you’ve been on? I’ve done them too. The horrible, mean thoughts you’ve felt about your body or someone else’s body, I’ve thought them too. And as far as I’ve come, I even still have moments where my old habits come back into view briefly. I won’t judge you or shame you. I’ve been where you are. I get it.

I’ll listen and empathize. I’ll offer my support if I think it can be beneficial. And I promise you there’s no hard sell hiding in this free call.

It’s taken me a very long time of trial and error to get myself to the healthier place I am in today. I don’t want it to take you that long. If having someone else on your journey can shorten the amount of time you’re in pain, why not invite me along?

Go ahead. See if what I have to say is helpful. Sign up for a free 30 minute discovery call now.

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