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Day 14 – Keep Things in Perspective by Laughing it off

The holiday season comes with a lot of fun, fuzzy feelings and good will towards others.  It also comes with a lot of stress.  Your regular busy life becomes busier and an already bursting to do list and social calendar get even crazier causing your stress levels to go way up.   Our tip for day 14 of 31 Days of Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays More is to spend some time laughing.  Laughing is a phenomenal way to relieve stress!

Laughter gets your muscles moving, your heart beating faster and can even burn a few calories.  It can even give your immune system a boost and help control your blood sugar. Studies show that watching a funny movie reduces blood pressure, even just anticipating laughter can reduce stress hormones in the body.  Laughing more can even help you get more restful sleep.

Put on a funny movie, spend a little time catching up with a girlfriend or look for a local Laughter Yoga class near you for a little holiday stress relief. Or just search cute kitty or laughing baby videos on youtube.  My goal is to laugh in my sleep like this cutie!