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Day 23 – Schedule Time with Friends Post Holiday

Friendship is good for you!

Friendship is good for you!

The tip for day 23 of 31 Days of Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays More is to make plans with your girlfriends after the holidays. It will keep your stress levels in check.

Despite all the events and gatherings going on during the holidays, sometimes it seems like we actually see less of our favorite people during them!  Everyone is so busy and just because you make it to a certain party, doesn’t mean that everyone you want to see will be able to.  Take a moment today to reach out to some of your best girlfriends and schedule some time to get together after the new year. Maybe a healthy brunch, yoga class or even just a long overdue phone call.

I was listening to Dr. Sara Gottfried (of The Hormone Cure fame) speak at the Longevity Now Conference earlier this year and she was talking about a groundbreaking UCLA study that looked at women’s friendships that revealed how men and women differ in their responses to stress.  Men tend to respond with fight or flight, and it was thought that women do too but this study showed that in addition to fight or flight, women seek out their friends during times of stress.  Time with friends increases their production of oxytocin (the bonding hormone), which in turn suppresses cortisol (the stress hormone) making them feel calmer.  So getting together with your girlfriends actually lowers your stress levels!  How awesome is that!?

I hope you don’t need an excuse to hang out with your girlfriends but if you do, you have a great one now.  Plan some time with them once the holidays are over so you can unwind from the hectic season together.