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This 31 page ebook is yours for free with sign up of my newsletter!

This 31 page ebook is yours for free with sign up of my newsletter!

Read on to get your FREE eBook! My goal for giving away this valuable information is to help you take control of your health, take away some of the confusion about healthy eating, and to give you tools to assist you in moving forward step by step.  Should you want more structured support after you’ve spent some time with this document, please contact me.  As always, I provide a FREE 50 minute Discovery Session for every woman who wants dedicated time to discuss her health goals. I’ve been where you are (tired, overweight, stuffed, exhausted, disappointed, ashamed etc) and I will meet you there to provide gentle encouraging support.  I’ve completely overhauled my way of life and I know what works and what doesn’t.  I don’t expect you to be perfect, I just expect you to be willing to take steps forward and I will be with you the entire way.

In this FREE 31 page document (crafted with love for YOU), you will:

  • get tried and true strategies for eating well despite all the conflicting health messages out there
  • find out what types of food you should be eating and some you should avoid
  • find out how you can save money on healthy food
  • learn how to prepare, pair and flavor vegetables so that eating vegetables becomes a joy instead of a chore
  • get a dozen healthy and easy snack ideas to keep your energy even keeled throughout the day
  • learn one of the most important things you can do to reduce or prevent binge eating. I am proof that this works!
  • get suggestions and support on the best way to implement these strategies into your life so that you succeed
  • and so much more!

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As a Bonus, I’ve included:

  • 10 healthy and delicious whole food recipes, developed by a true FOODIE & Health Coach, yours truly
  • over 20 meal ideas that utilize these strategies for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that you don’t have to stare into the fridge wondering what you can eat


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