Day 18 – Finish that Shopping!

You’re in the homestretch for Christmas.  Hopefully you’ve finished all your shopping!  If you haven’t, try to get it all done in the next day or two.  Would be nice to have a few days to relax a little before the holiday?  Put your feet up for a bit, read a book?

I love visiting small businesses for gifts.  They often have local made goodies (who wouldn’t want some NH Grade B Maple Syrup?!) and unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.  Great if you’re stuck for ideas. Plus you’re supporting the local economy!

If you don’t have time to zip around to all your favorite stores, online shopping is also great resource.   If you know what you need to get, you can often find the best price by a few google searches.  Many online retailers have deadlines to order by so that you get your packages in time for Christmas.  Those deadlines are fast approaching, probably in the next day or two.

If I’m out of ideas for gifts, some of the sites I check out for inspiration for kids are:  The Land of NodMindwareEbeanstalk.  For adults:  Red EnvelopeGarnett HillZady or Uncommon Goods.  Moma online and Strolby both have really cool stuff for both adults and kids.  Can you tell I’ve spent too much time on the internet?

A few more ideas:

  • Gift cards – you can even buy various ones at gas stations and the grocery store now
  • Donate to a charity in their name (not a great idea for kids but adults appreciate this one – not many of us need another candle or new tie).
  • Buy a gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • A homemade creative gift – homemade jam or Coconut oil whipped up with some lavender oil as a body butter
  • A gift certificate to a local farm store or health food store

You’re almost there.  You’ve got this!


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