Day 6 – Cook Healthy Once A Week

Cook several meals at once each week.

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Day 6’s tip for my 31 Days of Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays More is to spend some time each week cooking healthy meals that you can serve your family all week.

Daily commitments are at their peak during the holidays, in addition to being chauffeur for basketball practice, fundraiser organizer for the PTO, and managing the demands of your full time job, you’re also expected get holiday shopping done, attend cookie swaps, and sell your soul to the devil santa.  How does food fit into this picture?

Well if you’re not prepared, “food” can look like empty fast food containers, candy bars and frozen dinners during these busy times.  Yuck.  Hardly the stuff that’s going to give your body and mind the support you need right now. Don’t let fast food become your fuel source.

Set aside a few hours a week to prepare a few healthy simple meals that you can pull out on your craziest days and at least know that you’re putting good stuff in your body.   Prepare meals you already know well and are easy to make or seek out a few recipes that are mostly assembly (like this raw massaged kale salad) or can be made in the crock pot like this amazing New Mexican Stew with Turkey & Chiles. Yum!

Pop them in the fridge and sit back and relax for a few minutes before the week gets going!
Need some more inspiration?  Here are a few other ideas for you:

Chickpea Bajane
Baked Eggplant Parm Boats with Sausage
Indian Spiced Fire Roasted Tomato and Chickpea Soup
Chicken Stew

I’ve tried all the recipes on this page so I can vouch that they’re all delicious. The soups all freeze very well, as does the filling for the Eggplant boats.  Keep some bags of frozen veggies or salad greens on hand to serve with these meals and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, more relaxed December.  You’ve got this!


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