My Gift to You this Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving leftovers calling our names and some recovering from the madness of Black Friday shopping, the holiday season is well under way.  Some of us overcommit ourselves and burn the candle at both ends during the holiday season, making what should be a fun & joyous time into an exhausting, hair pulling marathon event that loses it’s meaning.  I’m somewhat guilty of this myself and am trying to change how I do things.  I love the holidays and look forward to them every year but it’s just too easy to feel frazzled, get sick or gain weight from all the pressures at the end of the year. How do we stop the chaos but still get everything done that needs doing and have some fun while doing it?

I have something that will help.  This Sunday, December 1st, I’m launching 31 Days of Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays More, a daily blog post that will include a tip for getting the most out of the season with your sanity intact.  These tips aren’t just valuable during the holidays, you’ll find it helpful to keep them in mind year round in order to keep things running smoothly and happily.

Don’t miss out!  Join me in having a lower stress holiday season! Follow my blog or add me on other social networks to make sure you see my 31 Days of Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays More. Together, we’ll start 2014 off right!

Image courtesy of Naito8 /

Image courtesy of Naito8 /

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